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It's 2014 and this website looks dated! Frazeefolio / will get an upgrade in 2015.

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Monster Clutch Co.
Monster Clutch - By Mark Frazee
Monster Clutch Co.
Monster Clutch - Facelift by Mark Frazee
Monster Clutch Co.
Monster Clutch - Design by Mark Frazee
Bosu - Collaborative Project
Monster Clutch Co.
Monster Clutch - Design by Mark Frazee
Monster Clutch Co.
Monster Clutch by Mark Frazee
Monster Clutch Co.
Monster Clutch - Design by Mark Frazee
Kwik Kar Watauga
Kwik Kar of - by Mark Frazee
Team Go Figure
Team Go Figure - By Mark Frazee

Monster Clutch
Website Offline - Design by Mark Frazee - Design by Mark Frazee - Design by Mark Frazee - Design by Mark Frazee - by Mark Frazee - Design by Mark Frazee - Design by Mark Frazee - by Mark Frazee -Design by Mark Frazee
Graphic Re-Design. Site Structure By Logic Flame - Design by Mark Frazee

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Web Design
In today's level of technology its hard to keep your web site looking fresh. In order to do that you need someone who not only keeps up with industry standards, but is also creative at the same time. Making a good first impression is the first step to making a sale or sparking interest.

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Flash Animation
Flash Animation has always been an attention grabber. From flash navigation to fully functional flash web sites.
Logo Design
The most important design of your company, Identity is everything. If you want to keep up in today's industry, you MUST have a modern looking logo.

About Me
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My name is Mark Frazee. I attended Westwood College in 2005 for Graphic Design. In late 2005 I was employed with a up and coming web design company and never looked back. Web design became my specialty.

I also gained an interest in Adobe Flash Animation and quickly caught on. My main focus while designing a web site is creativity and functionality. Simple is better. Less is more.

In my free time I play some video games (Starcraft II) and skateboard from time to time.

I have been In the web design industry for 5 years, but have been designing graphics for probably around 8. Throughout the years I have constantly progressed. Changing the way I code, animate, and design to stay current in web design.
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Employment History
C&G Technical Group
2005 - 2007
Head of Graphic Design
Full Front-end Web site Design
+Customer Services

2007 - Present
Head of Web Design / Graphic Design
Complete all web sites start to finish
+Customer Services


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If you have any questions you may fill out the form to the right. Right now I am available to design full web sites, or to simply apply updates to your existing web site.

Also, If you are an employer, you may contact me by e-mail here:

Please remember to provide a valid e-mail address so I can get in contact with you.


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August 23rd, 2010
Website Launched!

In addition to ALMOST finishing the website, I've also added a twitter account for my the site (not like anyone will actually look at it) and a Facebook. So go check it out every once in a while.

Check back later for more updates!


All designs featured on this web site were made by me (Mark Frazee) while employed with the companies listed above. All rights are reserved to the
companies in which the web sites were designed in.

For more information about my services please contact me at: or
You may also contact me by: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook.
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